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Our Story.

​We are a family owned and operated, all natural, olive oil skincare company.

Located on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia, and synonymous with natural, olive oil-based skincare solutions, Everything Olive is the creation of Monica Parvin.

After a successful career spanning many sectors, including customer service, television, finance and travel, a dream to move to the country saw Mon and her husband Rob discover their ideal home - complete with abandoned olive grove - on 185 acres in Willunga.

This scraggly grove was not just land; it represented potential.

Painstakingly nurtured back to life, the orchard slowly flourished, leading to the establishment of Romley Estate Olive Oil and the production of a range of award-winning olive oil and condiments.

Quickly gaining recognition, natural progression saw Mon become an esteemed olive oil judge, traveling across the country to judge large shows and competitions.

But while her journey into olives began with edibles, it was her personal experiences as a mother that steered her towards skincare.

Faced with the challenges of motherhood - dry, cracked skin from breastfeeding and her daughter’s recurring nappy rash - coupled with her knowledge around the healing properties of olive oil, Mon set about creating a soothing balm that could be safely used for herself and her newborn, Millie.

Her first product - Mums & Bubs Nourish - was born.

Recognising the immense, wide-ranging benefits of olive oil and the opportunity to help others, she embarked on three years of intensive study in natural cosmetic formulation, gradually creating a range of beautiful, effective skincare products along the way.

Today, Everything Olive offers a full range of skincare products, all derived from extra virgin olive oil and carefully combined with the best hand selected natural and organic ingredients.

From facial care and cleansers, to hand and body care, every product is testament to Mon's dedication to quality, her relentless drive to innovate and a desire to stay true to her commitment to both the environment and everyday affordability.

Everything Olive is more than just another skincare brand; it's an authentic reflection of Mon's journey, a culmination of her learnings, a response to genuine needs and an unwavering drive to solve her customer’s skincare challenges.

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