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Low-tox tips for sun protection

While it's imperative to protect your skin from too much sun, it's just as important that we don't smother it in toxic, carcinogenic chemicals. Some toxic chemicals often found in commercial sunscreens such as homosalate and octyl-dimethyl-PABA (OD-PABA), both chemical ultraviolet B (UVB) filters, are among these carcinogenic chemicals and have been linked to breast cancer.

Here are some tips to keep you sun-safe and tox-safe too:

1. Choose mineral sunscreens with physical blockers (i.e. zinc oxide), which sit on top of the skin, rather than being absorbed into it (try our Natural Sunscreen here).

2. As recommended in the Cancer Council's SunSmart program, other ways to protect your skin and eyes from UV radiation exposure in the sun are to:

- Slip on clothing that covers as much skin as possible.

- Slap on a hat that provides protection to your face, neck, and ears.

- Seek shade when outdoors. Staying under a tree and umbrella.

- Slide on some sunglasses that are close fitting, wraparound and cover as much of the eve area as possible.

- And if you're able (and willing!) to grow some bangs, grow out that fringe! It'll help protect that precious forehead skin. X

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