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My favourite Everything Olive product.

Erin here - Mon's right-hand woman and self-proclaimed skincare queen! (I was in the skin industry for the good part of 20 years, so I can confidently say that I have "tried it all").

I am also our biggest critic. I will very openly tell Mon if I don't like a product, or if I think that it needs to change (or remove it from the range completely!) Much to Mon's dismay (however, I think she secretly appreciates it, hehe).

Which brings me to my favourite Everything Olive product... Now this isn't an easy feat picking just one product, as I really do love them all. But this one stands out above the rest.

Though I must confess, when I first tried this product, I didn't like it. It wasn't what I had envisioned when we initially started to talk about creating it, so my immediate feedback wasn't glowing.

But, Mon's advice was, "keep trying it".

And I said, "FINE!" So I did.

Day two of using this product, I quite literally fell deep, head over heels in-love. I had taken a complete 180 turn overnight as my skin had not felt and looked so hydrated, plump and healthy for a long time! I messaged Mon immediately to tell her - she responded with, "I knew that would happen". Haha... she was right, again.

It's been a few months of using it twice daily now, and it continues to make me happy every day. My skin is no longer flakey and crepey from this winter weather, the redness I was experiencing has disappeared and my makeup sits on my fine lines much more nicely - I actually think I look younger (I'm 40).

Oh... what is this product I'm talking about, I hear you ask?

It's this one: Click here.

If you want glowing, hydrated skin, it's an absolutely must-have. Use it twice daily if your skin is super dehydrated, or once daily as a maintenance.

You're welcome.

Love, Erin. X

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