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Where it all began - part five

Warning... there are plenty of mentions of the "c" word again...

But also, this blog is a lovely recall of when we had our gorgeous olive oil gift boxes and ceramics (they were always a pain to post, mind you! 😂 Skincare much nicer to post. ❤️ )

Enjoy our fifth instalment of memory lane. X


December is my favourite month of the year. The weather is improving, it's Christmas and it's my birthday! Millie and I are slowly decorating the Christmas tree, she's really enjoying the 'twinkle lights'. Lilly Pilly the cat is also enjoying taking off all the baubles, hence the slow tree decoration.

We've had a lot of good rain for the olives which is great. The sheep have been through keeping the grass down, and the buds are bursting into beautiful flowers and tiny olives.

Rob has finished his fertilizer spraying, and we're nearly finished spreading the second fertilizer under the trees. All this in the hope that next year we have more olives and bigger ones with more oil.

I’m super excited about our new gift boxes, I hope you find them useful. We have an array of lovely gift items, from the oil to the olives, the beautiful Italian stainless steel bottles and Spanish ceramics. You really can find a gift for everyone here in our online store.

Wishing you all the happiest and merriest of Christmases, and here's to a fabulous, fun and free 2022.

Mon xx

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