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Where it all began - part four

This blog was written by Mon in October 2021. ❤️

It was kind a scary and frightening re-reading this one tbh, because Mon mentions the "c" word... Christmas!!!

Read if you dare!! (ps there is now 139 days until Xmas 😂🙈).


Spring is finally upon us! We've had a long awaited string of warm days this week which means Millie's paddling pool is out, the (giant) mozzies are back, and we get to sit and watch the sunsets with a glass of wine in shorts and a t-shirt.

The olive trees are bursting with buds, some have flowered already, and are looking fabulous. The wet weather has mostly gone for now, so I'll start the irrigation this weekend to ensure the

trees aren't stressed and have all the water they need to build up their oil cells and stay strong and healthy.

Rob has undertaken our annual fertilizer spray on the trees, this took a few days and many thousands of litres of water. The next job is to spread fertilizer under the trees, although our spreader is broken, so we're thinking of doing it the old fashioned way.... me with an ice cream container walking alongside the buggy filled with fertilzer, dropping 1 bucket per tree.....

Christmas is fast approaching, and we have a new range of gift boxes coming out very soon, so stay tuned. These will make your gift giving so much easier, with shipping direct to the recipient, and I can even hand write a Christmas card if you require.

Wishing you a fabulous November of health and happiness.

Until next month, Mon xx

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