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Where it all began - part one.

We're gonna take you back... back to where our Everything Olive natural skincare range was born.

Over the past two years Mon has been sharing intimate short-stories via our monthly newsletters, where the gradual unfolding of our skincare range was divulged - and we thought it'd be a trip to rehash on the beautiful journey and share those heart-warming stories with you again.

For those of you who weren't aware, Mon and her husband Rob owned an olive farm in South Australia where they produced award winning extra virgin olive oil for many years. This is the very olive oil used in all of our skincare products today.

Enjoy the nostalgia - we surely are. X


July, 2021

July has been a very quiet month, almost like we've gone into hibernation. The wild weather has kept us indoors most of the time, so we've had to become a little more creative with toddler play ideas.

Our olive oil is nicely settled now, after sitting for 6-10 weeks. So the next process is to rack the oil. Which means moving it from one container to another, without taking the sediment at the bottom of the barrel. It's quite a big job, and one I frequently procrastinate over. We do it to ensure the longevity of the olive oil. If it sits on the sediment too long, this could cause premature rancidity. Not on my watch!

I've been fiddling around with more skincare product ideas. I'm working on a rich and decadent hand cream, a day and night cream, foot cream, facial hydrating oil, and a cleansing oil. I'll be needing product testers at some point, so please get in touch if you're interested to help out.

Stay warm and dry, or cool and calm, wherever you are in the world.

Mon xx

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