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Where it all began - part seven

Part seven sees us in February 2022, where our Anti-ageing Serum, Face Cream and Sunscreen were born.

It took us a good 12 months to get the sunscreen formulation just right (we are both very picky), and I reckon we have a winner now!

Mon also spent A LOT of time in her kitchen making product. I think with that, along with the high demanding physical labour of harvesting olives, it slowly began to become too much...

Not sure what happened to that caravan though... hahaha.

Enjoy! X


Welcome to our February edition of The Romley Report. I might ask, where did January go? Rob, Millie and I were straight back into the swing of things after a good 2 weeks off at home. It was nice just to hang out with my loves, and catch up on Wiggles episodes...

A few new happenings here are the Estate. We bought a Van, and a Caravan! Craziness I know. Our new sporty delivery van is a Ford Transit Custom Sport van, it's super cool, and like driving sitting in an arm chair. Keep an eye out for me hooning around in it!

My skincare range is evolving into something super special. Very soon I'll be releasing an Anti Ageing Facial Serum, Face Cream, Sun Cream. This is in addition to my hand cream, Nourish, Feet Treat, Body Scrub, and Deodorant. The range will be a 'hard working' range. For stressed, tired, dry, mature, and skin that just needs a good dose of love. I'm so excited about this, I can't wait to share it with you. I've been testing it on myself for a few months, and I'm overjoyed with the results, my skin really is looking healthy, glowing, and 10 years younger (kidding ;-))

Now, about that caravan... you may wonder what on earth is Mon thinking? Well, yes Millie and I can now go to Rob's dirt bike races with him, in comfort and style. But the main thing is we're going to set it up as a moveable B&B at Romley Estate!

There are so many gorgeous vantage points here on the property, we couldn't think of a better way to do it. So keep your eyes peeled over the coming months for our launch.

Weather report - well it's been a strange January for weather. Super humid and hot recently, very much like being in North QLD or Asia. We're not really accustomed to it here at Romley Estate, so I've been mostly hiding out inside where I can. We had a good 20mm+ of rain in the last couple of weeks too, so this is going to give the olive trees a really good drink.

I don't feel like there's a huge amount of olives on the trees this year, it's really hard to tell though, as they're so tiny at the moment. I won't get a better idea until late Feb/March when they get close to harvest size. But I always live in hope, and am usually surprised (or disappointed) at harvest time. I've learnt to let go of worrying about it these days. The first year I went through and estimated the amount of olives I thought were on each tree and wrote it in a note book, it took me a full day. I have Millie now... end of story!

We're off for our first ever holiday to Renmark this week, we're super excited and looking forward to the break away. There's a fantastic pool and waterpark where we're staying, so Millie will be in her element.

Until next month, I bid you farewell.

Mon xx

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