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Where it all began - part six

We're at the beginning of 2022 now. Mon and the fam were still living at Romley Estate... still working hard and harvesting olives, and creating our award winning olive oil (that is almost all gone now 😞 Only a few bottles left roaming about).

I think at that stage we had only a few skincare products and the Olive Leaf Tea (remember that? It was glorious).

Mon mentions that her word for 2022 was "simplify" - in hindsight, I wonder what word she would have chosen instead to sum up 2022?! 🤪

How so much can change in such a small amount of time. Enjoy this instalment. X


Welcome to 2022, here we go again... a new year, a new January detox ha ha ha. We've had a lovely little break over the Christmas and New Year period. Lots of time spent down at the beach with friends, and way too much delicious food and drink has been consumed by all in the Romley homestead. Now it's time to lose that extra weight I've put on over the break and get the momentum going for the year ahead.

We had our first ever night in a fancy hotel recently, we stayed at the new Sofitel in Adelaide city. Millie took it in her stride and was an absolute delight. It was wonderful to see exploring the hotel, and enjoying new experiences like pushing the lift button, and seeing the doors open. She loved having her babies in their baby pram there with her too, everyone thought it was so gorgeous.

I've had some time to recoup from a super busy 2021 as well, and now I'm starting to gather my thoughts to see where 2022 will lead us. 'Simplify' is a word that is resonating strongly with me. Do less in order to be less stressed, in summary. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I do know I'd like to spend more time in my veggie patch, and creating more yummy meals for my family. Rob would like to go on more trips away in the caravan we're buying soon, so we're all looking forward to planning some more vacation time.

I'd love to hear what dreams and goals you all have in store for this year, perhaps you could email me or share it on our facebook or instagram pages. I take a lot of inspiration from like minded people like you all, so please get in touch.

Wishing you all the very best for a safe, happy and healthy 2022, and I look forward to seeing what the year has in store for all of us.

Mon xxx

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