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Where it all began - part two

The second instalment of our walk down memory lane to when our Everything Olive skincare range was born, has arrived!

This is when the kitchen at our former olive farm, "Romley Estate" was being installed, which was the beginning of many, MANY hours of conjuring up different formulations to create the range we have today.

Pour a cuppa and enjoy. X


September, 2021

As I sit here with my coffee, Millie is is at childcare, Sammy is next to me on the keyboard, Ralfie under my feet, and the amazing team from Spacecraft are just starting the install on my brand spanking new kitchen. I can't tell you how excited I am, all the additional bench space is going to be mind blowing. Imagine all the new products I can create and labels I can stick on....

Millie loves being out in the paddocks with the cows, or in the shed helping us with olive oil jobs or Rob's dirt bike jobs. She's such a good little helper and is really growing up into a gorgeous little soul with a bright and energetic personality; we just love her a million times over. She's always 'so busy'... Can you believe she turns 2 on the 18th of this month?! The smell of spring in the air reminds me of the weeks either side of her birth, in and out of hospital at Ashford and walks in the pram.

You may know I've been working on skincare creams lately, namely a hand cream, day cream, night cream and body cream. Well, the feedback on these has been great, and I'm looking to put those into production once I have a kitchen again. The hand cream would have to be on the top of the list of my favourite products now, so keep your eyes peeled for the release.

We'd love to increase our retail presence with both our food and skincare products. If you know anyone interested in stocking a range of Romley Estate Olive Oil products or Romley Body products, please send me an email at I'd really love your help in getting our range out there.

Enjoy the first month of Spring, and I'll look forward to updating you next month on more things Romley.

Mon xx

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