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Why you need these two.

With only a few days to go before the end of our August promotion, I thought I'd share why these two are so special.

Firstly, they are the two foundational products in our skincare range. We all MUST cleanse our face morning and night, and follow with a moisturiser. This is like your concrete slab of building a house - without it, the rest will fall apart.

Even doing these two basic things each day will make a big difference in your skin - your skin will look brighter, less congested, hydrated and healthy. Not only that, using these two is SIMPLE and QUICK. It'll take you 2 minutes, if that. So if you're new to having a regular skincare routine, these two is a really good place to start.

The Hydrating Cream Cleanser is a creamy and delicious concoction of organic ingredients that will leave your skin feeling clean and hydrated. Perfect for any skin type and condition, this is best used on a dry skin, massaged in well, then removed with a damp, warm cloth. Repeat if you're wearing makeup.

The Intense Hydrating Facial Cream is an all-natural, 83% organic, deeply hydrating and uplifting cream, for all skin types, in particular under nourished and hardworking skin. This face moisturising cream is an absolute joy to wear - it smells like heaven and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple.

She's light, she won't leave you feeling greasy or oily, yet she gives you just enough moisture to keep your skin hydrated.

Perfect under makeup too.

Normally worth $64.90, you can buy These Two for only $44 - sale ends 31st August 2023.

As soon as these are sold, we will be releasing our new packaging of these two (don't worry, the formulation won't change!) So stay tuned for that! 😍

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