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'Nourish' truly is a jack-of-all trades – and MASTER of ALL - moisturising balm.


It’s seriously the skincare superhero we all need.


Handmade with love, this incredibly versatile, all-natural balm is made with only quality, non-toxic ingredients that are safe for the whole family, including, of course, our signature extra virgin olive oil.


So where can you use it? A better question is where can't you use it!

There's not much this amazing balm can't do.


Here’s just a quick snapshot:

  • Use it as a nourishing and rejuvenating night cream
  • Apply it to dry, cracked heels, hands and elbows
  • Apply it to soothe eczema and dermatitis
  • Use it as nappy rash cream
  • An eye cream
  • A day cream
  • A seriously, 'anything you want to nourish' cream...


The options truly are endless. So when you're in need of a skin fix, Nourish is your go-to.

Nourish Balm

PriceFrom $19.95
GST Included
  • Apply as needed to your area of choice. A little goes a long way!

  • Extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate, honey, jojoba oil , evening primrose oil, propolis extract, st johns wort, vitamin e, calendula flower, lavender essential oil, lime essential oil, lemongrass essential oil.

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