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Do you have your sunscreen on today?

Updated: Jan 5

Just because it's Winter, does not mean you can stop wearing your sunscreen!

Lady holding a bottle of Everything Olive's Natuural SPF 50+ Sunscreen
Everything Olive's Natural SPF 50+ Sunscreen

While it is VITAL to get a dose of sunshine everyday (in Winter aim to get 15 mins of sunshine on your arms and legs, NO SUNSCREEN, between 10am-2pm EVERYDAY), always wear it on your face.


UVA rays (A for "ageing") are present even when the sun isn't shining - and these rays can lead to premature ageing of the skin.

Our all-natural Everything Olive sunscreen protects against these UVA rays, so wear it as your daytime moisturiser, under your makeup, every single day (it is glorious under makeup).

It is sublimely hydrating and nourishing (particularly during winter), makes an excellent makeup base and will keep your face wrapped up in organic goodness to protect it from the elements. ☀️💨❄️🌧

Check it out here.

📸😍 @goodmovementcompany @pilates_tiff 🙏🏼😘

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