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Regular vs. Natural : Is Natural Sunscreen the Best Choice?

Updated: Jan 5

Summer’s here again. And that means it's time to rethink your in-the-sun skincare routine.

With the sun shining brighter and days getting longer, choosing the best sunscreen is not just a responsible choice, it's a smart move for your - and your family’s - long term skin's health.

But with so many varieties on the market, how do you choose what’s best?

Do you run with a traditional sunscreen, chunky fluro zinc-stick, or simply hide from the sun and stay inside?

Or do you go down the natural sunscreen route - something that’s light on your skin, protecting it without the use of harsh chemicals, while giving you the freedom to enjoy the sunshine without that gross, greasy residue hanging around all day?

We know what we’d prefer.

And apart from all that - with our gorgeous outdoor lifestyle and a whole lotta sun on its way (thanks El Niño!) - here’s why we think natural sunscreen the best sun protection us Australians can get.

Natural sunscreen - a smarter (and safer) choice?

When it comes to protecting your skin, the safety of what you put on it should always be front of mind.

After all - as our largest organ that absorbs just about anything we slather on it - it’s essential we take care of it!

That’s why natural sunscreen should be the way to go.

Unlike traditional sunscreens that often contain complex chemical compounds and work on an absorption system, natural sunscreens use minerals, primarily zinc oxide, to create a physical barrier between you and the sun - reflecting UV rays away from the skin, rather than absorbing them.

Plus, because there is no absorption, skin irritation is minimised, making natural sunscreen a great choice for those with sensitive skin, including kids and babies.

Kid-friendly and gentle on skin.

Talking about kids, if you’re worried about how sunscreen might react with their delicate skin, natural sunscreen might just be the answer to your summer-time prayers.

Natural sunscreens, like Everything Olive’s Natural SPF 50+ Sunscreen, are formulated to be both effective and ultra-gentle, making them ideal for kids and those with sensitive skin.

Made without the use of harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances and preservatives, you're less likely to experience the skin irritation or allergic reactions often associated with traditional sunscreens.

Does natural sunscreen actually work?

"But does it work as well as regular sunscreen?"

It’s a question we get asked a lot. And we’re glad it does.

Let’s talk effectiveness.

Natural sunscreen gets a bad rap sometimes. And in the past, maybe it was justified.

But not anymore.

These days, high quality natural sunscreens are formulated to effectively block harmful UV rays, offer broad-spectrum, long-lasting protection, and are just as effective as chemical sunscreens in preventing sunburn and reducing the risk of skin cancer.

So now you know the truth, put on that natural sunscreen with confidence and enjoy those carefree days outdoors knowing your skin is protected!

Protect your skin (and the planet).

While you may think mostly of your skin when talking sun protection, here’s a fact: many sunscreens you find on the market today actually inadvertently harm our oceans and reefs.

It’s true. Swimming with sunscreen on leaves residue in the water that can hurt marine critters.

And regular sunscreens often contain oxybenzone and octinoxate - both linked to coral bleaching and aquatic ecosystem damage.

Protecting your skin shouldn't come at the expense of our oceans and reefs.

That’s why natural sunscreens are usually a more eco-friendly choice, made with all-natural, organic, reef-safe ingredients.

So when you choose natural sunscreen, you also play a part in preserving our precious ocean!


So is natural sunscreen the best choice for your skin?

Keeping all these things in mind, natural sunscreen certainly stands out as a smart go-to option for sun protection this summer - and all year round.

It's safe for even the most sensitive of skin, gentle enough for the kids, eco-friendly and just as effective as regular chemical sunscreen. Plus it offers a responsible alternative to traditional chemical-based sunblock.

What’s not to love?

So next time you're gearing up for a day at the beach or just a stroll in the park - in addition to the sun-smart slip, slop, slap, slip & slide message - why not consider reaching for a natural sunscreen?

Your skin, and the environment, will thank you for it.

Are you thinking about switching over to natural sunscreen? Tell us why in the comments below!


Apart from all the benefits above, here’s why we think Everything Olive Natural Sunscreen is one of the best Australian-made natural sunscreens for your face and body:

It’s so much more than a sunscreen : It's a hydrating moisturiser too! Its nourishing and oh-so-hydrating formula makes it perfect for daily use whether you're hitting the beach or just running a few errands (and it’s divine under makeup!)

It smells ah-mazing : The natural vanillin scent makes it a hit with kids and adults alike… they’ll actually want to put it on! No more groaning!

You can kiss greasy residue goodbye : No one likes an oily feeling on their skin. Especially in summer. That’s why Everything Olive Natural Sunscreen is light to apply and formulated to absorb quickly.

So why not grab a couple of bottle for the bathroom cabinet so you’ll always have some gorgeous natural sun-protection on hand!

SHOP IT NOW and have it delivered straight to your door 👉


Everything Natural. Everything Skincare. Everything Olive.

100% Australian made and owned, Everything Olive crafts a range of natural, affordable and eco-conscious olive oil-based skincare that's nurturing, affordable and effective.

From soothing balms and facial care, to cleansers, sunscreen and body treatments that offer a touch of everyday luxury, each carefully handcrafted product contains the healing and soothing properties of extra virgin olive oil, meticulously blended with the finest natural and organic ingredients.

Providing real solutions to everyday needs, discover the secret of radiant, nourished skin with Everything Olive.

Because everyone’s skin deserves genuine care, and you deserve to feel naturally beautiful every day.

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