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How to (Easily) Start a New Natural Skincare Routine.

If you’re anything like us, the start of a new year sees us keen to create some fresh new habits for the 12 months ahead.

A young woman in a white robe, applying skincare cream to her face

Waking up on January 1 (or, sometimes, January 2 😬) our cup is positively overflowing with pep!

The enthusiasm to is strong.

But like so many things, we often set ourselves up to fail.

How? We over-complicate our goals, or embark on resolutions that are totally unachievable.

That’s why, when it comes to starting any new routine, it’s important to make sure the plan you choose is not only effective (we all want to see results, right?), but also easy to stick to!

So when making a pact with yourself to go all-natural in the new year - and deciding to start a new natural skincare routine - here at Everything Olive, we’ve got your back.

Because we totally believe that switching your skincare routine over to include more natural products doesn’t need to be hard.

In fact, every natural skincare product in our range has been created to simplify busy lives, whilst looking after skin with serums, gels, creams and scrubs that avoid chemicals and other synthetic ingredients.

So without further ado, here are our favourite skincare routines to make sure your new year’s resolution to go all-natural lasts far longer than that momentary high as the clock strikes 12.

First up, it’s good to know that, like any skincare routine - natural or not - there are just four main steps to success:

Cleanse Hydrate ✅ Moisturise Protect


So essentially, the effectiveness of any routine comes down to the quality of product you put on your skin.

And this brings us to why we think natural is the way to go.

Natural skincare products are:

  • Specifically formulated to be both effective and ultra-gentle on your skin.

  • Made without the use of harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances and preservatives.

  • Far less likely to cause skin irritations, allergic reactions or redness.

  • The perfect alternative if you want to reduce the number of synthetic elements your skin is exposed to on a daily basis.

  • A great source of natural nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins that benefit your skin’s health.

  • A popular, and safe, choice for all skin types, including teens, adults and older individuals.


With these things in mind, here are our three favourite mini-routines, complete with product recommendations, to make sure your skin looks and feels amazing every single day (minus the effort!).


ROUTINE 1 : MORNING – Fast & simple to get you out the door

We all want a quick and easy skincare routine in the morning.

Why? Because those extra 5 minutes in bed, or sipping your coffee, is so much more enjoyable than spending time fussing over your skin!

Plus, we’re all busy.

So make your switch to a natural morning skincare routine simple with these four gorgeous products, designed to make sure your skin shines from the minute you leave the bathroom.

Step 1 : Cleanse

Wash away all the oils that have built up overnight by gently massaging a small amount of our Hydrating Cream Cleanser into your face and neck, before simply wiping it all away with a warm, damp cloth.

Step 2 : Hydrate

Once your face is sparkling clean, dab some Intense Hydration Gel Serum with Hyaluronic Acid around your face, neck and decolletage areas and rub in to give your skin the drink it needs to see the day through, and offer a defence against wrinkles.

Step 3 : Moisturise

After cleansing and hydrating, it’s time to lock in moisture that lasts all day. Which is why we like to split this step across two super-effective products that target both your face and delicate eye area.

Firstly, massage a tiny amount of Intense Hydration Eye Cream around your eye area to help reduce any puffiness and firm up sags.

Working almost instantly, it contains the all-natural alternative to retinol - Bakuchiol - which is proven to be just as effective at minimising wrinkles and dark patches as it’s synthetic counterpart.

Next up, apply some Intense Hydration Facial Cream to the rest of your face and neck. Not only does it smell divine, it ensures your skin is left feeling soft, supple and seriously smooth.

Step 4 : Protect

Finally, our harsh Australian climate means we need to guard our skin against the sun – even in winter.

So finish your morning routine with a natural sunscreen.

Our 100% organic, vegan, anti-ageing SPF 50 Natural Sunscreen is the perfect base under makeup as it absorbs beautifully, is non-greasy, has a sweet vanillin scent and will help your skin fight those pesky signs of ageing every time you step out of the house.


ROUTINE 2 : DAYTIME – Maintain an all-day glow

This one’s a doozy – because it's basically easy maintenance on-the-go.

Step 1 : Moisturise

That’s it!

Keep your lips looking soft and plump all day by applying lip balm whenever you feel the need.

Our beautiful handmade olive oil and beeswax Natural Lip Balm contains just a hint of peppermint essential oil to offer a lovely cooling touch.

And don’t overlook your hard-working hands either – they’ll love a lashing of Intense Hydration Hand & Body Cream every now and then too, to keep them supple and fresh (but never greasy).

Chuck a tube in your handbag for sneaky top-ups between meetings, lunch dates or school pick-ups.

And our final tip for daytime skincare – which is less a product and more a health hack?

Make sure you sip, sip, sip away and get your two litres of H2O in – because hydration on the inside means a healthier glow on the outside.


ROUTINE 3 : EVENING – Nourish & repair while you rest

If you want your new natural skincare routine to work for you, minus the effort, these easy nighttime steps ensure your skin’s completely restoring itself while you sleep.

One big bonus? Refreshed skin overnight means far less fuss in the morning (winning!).

Here’s how we achieve it.

Step 1 : Cleanse

Yep, cleansing is a repeat from the morning. And an important one at that, given the grime that builds up across the day.

But it takes no time at all with our Intense Hydration Cleansing Oil.

Just a few drops massaged in and wiped off with a warm, damp cloth will see dirt, grease and makeup gone in a matter of seconds - it even tackles the most stubborn waterproof mascara!

Step 2 : Exfoliate

This step often raises the question : should you cleanse or exfoliate first?

We like to cleanse first.

Why? Because exfoliating more thoroughly removes dead skin cells if sweat, dirt and makeup is removed first. Plus, it leaves lovely, clear pores for moisturiser and serum to absorb in to.

In saying this, exfoliation shouldn’t be a daily thing. Once or twice a week - either morning or night - is plenty to make sure your skin doesn’t accumulate too many dead cells.

We find it easiest to do whilst in the shower, and use a combination of Revitalising Facial Exfoliant and Olive Leaf Body Scrub to make sure face and body are both covered.

Step 3 : Hydrate

Just like the AM, it’s time to eliminate dryness and rehydrate your skin with the Intense Hydration Gel Serum with Hyaluronic Acid.

Working hard while you sleep, the key ingredient here is the hyaluronic acid, which helps to prevent tightness and boost the elasticity of your skin.

Step 4 : Moisturise

You guessed it – we’re following up with moisture! And because we want to wake up fresh faced and shadow-free, it’s a repeat of your morning routine.  

The Intense Hydration Facial Cream is a great one to reapply, given its deeply hydrating properties. But just before you pop this on, massage a tiny amount of the Intense Hydration Eye Cream around your eye area again to banish bags for good.

Step 5 : Protect

Finally, plump out those fine lines and wrinkles that have crept in during the day with Everything Olive’s Anti-Ageing Facial Serum.

This little beauty safeguards you skin by helping make sure it maintains its elasticity and that cells are able to regenerate while you get some much-needed shut-eye.

Like the eye cream, a little goes a long way, so massage just a few drops into your face and neck - it’s the ideal natural solution to use at the end of the day to make sure your skin shines tomorrow.

Embarking on a natural skincare routine isn’t just about looking good; it's about feeling great and being kind to your skin.

And it certainly doesn’t have to be hard.

By following these super easy routines, it’s entirely possible to achieve the glowing, healthy skin you want without the hassle.

Plus, switching from traditional skincare products to all-natural options is as easy as finding a product (or products!) you love, then sticking to the fundamentals.

Whether you begin your journey with a quick morning routine, look to up your glow with our daytime tips, or start nourishing your skin overnight - or maybe even all three! - remember that simplicity is key.

So go ahead, make that switch and step into a new year of health, beauty and confidence – naturally!

Trust us, your skin will thank you.

Want to try out any of our all-natural skincare products?

Shop Everything Olive’s online store and have them delivered straight to your door! 




Everything Natural. Everything Skincare. Everything Olive.

100% Australian made and owned, Everything Olive crafts a range of natural, affordable and eco-conscious olive oil-based skincare that's nurturing, affordable and effective.

From soothing balms and facial care, to cleansers, sunscreen and body treatments that offer a touch of everyday luxury, each carefully handcrafted product contains the healing and soothing properties of extra virgin olive oil, meticulously blended with the finest natural and organic ingredients.

Providing real solutions to everyday needs, discover the secret of radiant, nourished skin with Everything Olive.

Because everyone’s skin deserves genuine care, and you deserve to feel naturally beautiful every day.

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